The Internet privacy lane:

Separating transaction from identity

Single Use Digital Token Technology

Anonymous Accountable Auditable

Based on math, not trust.


The tokens are cryptographically unlinked from identity, except in cases of fraudulent use.


Fraud (through double-spending) results in re-identification and sanctioning from future use.


All transactions are placed in a publicly auditable transaction log.

A Retro Introduction to Microdesic Token Technology

How does it work?



Individual registers an identity with Microdesic’s Identity Server. Individual presents anonymous identity to Microdesic’s Token Server. Token Server issues a digital token to the individual.



Individual spends tokens with a Merchant who validates that token is real. Merchant supplies goods or services to Individual. No Internet connection is necessary. Spending may be off-line.



Once online, Merchant submits token to Microdesic. Microdesic then marks it spent in the private Blockchain. The blockchain is publicized so as to be fully auditable by Merchants or anybody else.



If a token is spent fraudulently, Microdesic re-identifies the Individual, publishes tokens to the fraud list, then sanctions them, preventing acquisition of new tokens.

Design Description

Use Cases

Rikki Tiki’s Token & Tickets is a mobile app which allows merchants to issue and accept digital tokens. These tokens can be used for free samples, drink tickets, bus tickets, beer garden tokens, subway tokens, shower tokens, etc… Rikki Tiki’s Token & Tickets is currently in development and should be available soon.

Privacy Manatee, a premium ad blocker

Privacy Manatee is a premium ad-blocking extension to be built on the popular Privacy Badger platform from EFF. In the free edition, it will work just as Privacy Badger does, blocking tracking cookies and code. For those that purchase the premium edition, it will pay websites (using Microdesic token technology) to deliver a clean tracking free version of their site. Paying websites incentivizes them to deliver advertising and tracking free experiences for users without the fear of lost advertising revenue. Learn more
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Our Team

Avada Admin

R. Jason Cronk


  • 20+ years in Information Technology
  • Serial entrepreneur plus Fortune 500 experience
  • Licensed attorney in Florida
  • Member, International Association of Privacy Professionals
  • Certified Information Privacy Professional, Certified Information Privacy Technologist, Certified Information Privacy Manager
Avada Admin

Andrew Miller

Chief Scientist

  • Associate Professor, Computer Science, University of Illinois, Urbanan-Champaign
  • PhD, University of Maryland
  • Program Chair, Bitcoin Research Workshop 2017
  • Program Committee, Bitcoin Research Workshop 2014 & 2015
  • Masters, University of Central Florida
Avada Admin

David Clark-Joseph

Business Development

  • Director of Strategic investment at private equity firm
  • Fortune 500 financial analyst
  • MBA from Ohio State University
  • JD from Florida State University

Microdesic: A History

David and Jason met in 2010 while attending the Florida State University College of Law. Over long bike rides down the St. Thomas Trail, David and Jason often discussed two topics: politics and business. Long an entrepreneur, Jason was eager to start a new business – even while in law school – but the two men couldn’t formulate a new idea. Many technological improvements to the business of law were thrown about but nothing quite stuck.

In 2012, while attending the Orlando Startup Weekend, Jason met Andrew who was pitching a Bitcoin related startup. Jason joined Andrew’s team, and while they eventually pivoted to a sort of reverse eBay auction system instead, they did come in fourth place out of seventeen teams. This led to Andrew giving Jason his third Bitcoin (then worth about $5) over a bet that they would place in the top five. Previously that weekend, Jason had purchased two Bitcoin from Andrew for $10.

Months later, while attending the Orlando Bitcoin Meetup Group, Jason had trouble spending his Bitcoin for a burger at the local restaurant. Not because they did not take Bitcoin – they did as an early Bitpay customer – but because his Internet connectivity was spotty. Thus an idea was spawned…why couldn’t someone create a system to spend Bitcoin while offline? Fast forward to now: Microdesic – Auditable, Accountable, Anonymous, and Offline tokens!