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Financial privacy and Cryptocurrencies

Financial privacy is most often conceptualized in terms of the confidentiality of one’s finances or financial transactions. That’s the “secrecy paradigm,” whereby hiding money, accounts, income, expenses prevents exposure of one’s activities, subjecting one to scrutiny or revealing tangential information one’s wants to keep private. Such secrecy can be paramount to security as well. Knowing where [...]

Privacy by Design Case Study Part II

Cross posted from Enterprivacy.com Potential privacy issues in the Microdesic system (using the Solove taxonomy) Our first step in the privacy analysis to understand the underlying business concept. For Microdesic, the concept is fairly simple: Identity an individual Create a token tied to but cryptographically unlinked to the individual identity or to other tokens Allow for [...]

Privacy by Design – Case Study

Cross posted from Enterprivacy Consulting Group Privacy by Design is the concept of baking privacy concerns into your processes, design and development of a service that may impact individual’s privacy. Most start-up avoid this process because it prevents them from “getting things out the door.” The curse of the Minimally Viable Product is that it forgoes [...]